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Wang Mingyu, vice governor of Liaoning Province, visited the Clinical Skills tra

Release Data:2019-11-05 02:09:00 Interview:5510

On the morning of November 5, vice governor of liaoning province ming-yu wang, deputy secretary of the provincial government ChangSunFanBai, bureau of education work committee, deputy secretary of provincial party committee, the provincial department of education Feng Shouquan, vice mayor of dalian city WenXueQiong, commissioner of general office of the provincial comprehensive six long march, cui zhang ying, director of the provincial office of education, higher education division province department of education zhang gl, full-time education work committee, vice secretary of municipal party committee of diet, commissioner of party construction in colleges and universities of education work committee of municipal party committee, s.h., the general office of the secretary Shang Chao line to provincial government medical - giant investigations into clinical skills training assessment of square.

Ming-yu wang deputy governor during a visit to multimodal medical simulation wisdom plaza, namely MISS square process, ask for details of the current status and future development of medical simulation education, and the mode of cooperation between colleges gave high praise and full affirmation, but also to MISS square integral solution provider giant into company gave a nod. When governor Wang Mingyu learned that the current advanced medical education model relies on imports, he expressed that he would strongly support the innovative development of national enterprises and build national brands and hit products that are on an international level.

Giant into medicine to for a long time, "crossover, integration, innovation, cooperation, win-win and development" for the purpose, with a number of medical institutions, medical institutions and psychiatry staff work together to establish alliance and collaboration, jointly create diversified and multimodal medical simulation education kechuang center platform, and through the platform integration industry industry, technology, psychiatry resources around, and form a huge industry innovation and development together, on this basis to build a batch of with independent intellectual property rights of high-end products and technologies, Currently, it covers the teaching and practice of diagnostics, internal medicine, first aid, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, nursing, anatomy, rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese medicine and disaster medicine, etc., and has become a leading national brand of medical simulation education in China.


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