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Transparent gastric lavage, gastrointestinal decompression simulation standardiz


Product introduction:

Simulate the head, neck, chest and abdomen of the adult in the supine position. The shape of the head and neck is realistic. The front wall of the chest and abdomen is hollowed out. The mouth, nasal cavity, throat, trachea, esophagus, lung, liver and other anatomical structures are complete. A transparent and observable stomach is designed. Suitable for gastric lavage operation and gastrointestinal decompression operation training.
Function parameter:
1. With fully simulated head and neck, the face material is soft and the feel is real.
2. Realistic oral cavity (teeth, tongue, uvula), realistic airway (epiglottis, glottis, larynx, dipper cartilage, trachea) and esophagus.
3. It can show transparent stomach and simulated lungs; it can reflect the supine position, the left side position, and the end sitting position.
4. Various gastric lavage methods can be performed: oral cavity, nasogastric tube gastric lavage method; gastric lavage gastric lavage method; electric suction gastric lavage method; gastric lavage machine gastric lavage method.


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