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Gastric lavage simulation training model


Product introduction:
Simulating the upper body of an adult male, the appearance is realistic, the bony muscular signs on the body surface are clearly accessible, the movement of the head and neck bones is flexible, and the mouth, nasal cavity, throat, trachea, esophagus, and stomach with a complete anatomical structure, the operation feels real. It is suitable for the operation training of gastric lavage, gastric lavage, gastric lavage, gastrointestinal decompression, and gastric juice collection.
Function parameter:
1. Simulated as a standard adult male upper body with realistic appearance, flexible skin, complete internal anatomical structure, realistic oral cavity (teeth, tongue, uvula), realistic airway (epiglottis, glottis, larynx, dipper cartilage, Trachea) and esophagus and stomach.
2. The body surface of the model is marked and the position is accurate. The distance between the central incisor and the cardia is within 45-55cm.
3. Can achieve lateral lying position.
4. During gastric lavage operation, the head can be lifted, and the cannula is intubated to the throat so that the lower jaw is as close as possible to the chest.
5. Stomach lavage exercises can be carried out: gastric lavage through the mouth and stomach tube, gastric lavage machine gastric lavage.

6. Can train gastrointestinal decompression and gastric juice collection.
7. After the intubation is completed, the model can detect whether the length of the nasogastric tube is correct and the position of the intubation, insert the correct position, the simulated gastric juice is withdrawn, and the sound of air passing water can be heard on auscultation.


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