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Enema training simulation model


Product introduction:

Simulate the left hip lying adult hip, with a realistic shape and clear and accessible body surface signs. The detailed anatomical structure of the anus and rectum is designed. The operation feel is real and suitable for enema operation training.
Function parameter:
1. The product is an adult female half-length model, lying on the left side, with flexible simulated skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissue, real feel, elastic touch and good toughness.
2. The model has an anal, anal canal, and rectal structures, and can perform various enema operations (a large amount of no enema, a small amount of enema, and an enema).
3. When performing enema-free operation, the catheter can be inserted into the anus to a depth of 7~10cm, and there is a realistic sense of resistance during insertion.
4. When performing enema retention operation, it can be inserted into the anal canal 15~20cm, with a realistic sense of resistance during insertion.
5. The infused liquid will not flow out from the anus.
6. Can fix the anal canal to the buttocks.


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