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Posterior fornix puncture training model


Product introduction:

Simulated bladder lithotomy position of adult female pelvic thigh. The anatomy and structure of the vulva are clear. The bony muscular signs on the body surface are obvious. The appearance is realistic and the feel is real. Vaginal, uterine, peritoneal cavity, rectum, uterine cavity, bloody simulated effusion and yellow fluid from the rectum was designed. It is suitable for training of posterior vault puncture.
Function parameter:
1. The model is an adult female's abdomen, pelvis and upper third of the thigh, which is a simulated "bladder lithotomy position".
2. The appearance of the model is realistic and beautiful, the design is reasonable, the elasticity of the skin is soft and the simulation degree is high, and the material is environmentally friendly and durable.
3. The anatomical structure of the model is accurate, with complete labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vagina, cervix, uterus and other structures.
4. The skin, soft tissue and vagina material of the perineum is soft and the simulation effect is good, and a vaginal speculum can be placed.
5. With a simulated cervix, the posterior lip of the vagina can be exposed with cervical forceps to clamp the posterior lip of the cervix.
6. The puncture needle passes through the back wall of the vagina and feels empty.
7. After successful puncture according to the operation standard, hemorrhagic simulated effusion can be drawn; if it enters the rectum by mistake, light yellow liquid is drawn.


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