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Four-step palpation training model


Product introduction:

Simulate the pelvic thigh of an adult woman. It has a realistic appearance and a real hand feel. The bony muscular signs on the body surface are clearly accessible. The uterine size adjustment is designed and the operation is simple. It is suitable for operation training such as measurement of uterine height and abdominal circumference, four-part palpation method, fetal heart sound auscultation.
Function parameter:
1. The model is an adult female's abdomen, basin and upper third of the thigh to simulate the human body. The anatomical structure is accurate, the skin is soft and elastic, and the feel is realistic.
2. It can measure the height of the uterus and abdominal circumference, and can adjust the height of the uterus and the size of the abdominal circumference.
3. Four parts palpation method can be operated to change the fetal birth pattern and tire orientation and the distance of the first exposed part.
4. The earpiece can be used for auscultation of fetal heart sounds.


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