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Ear examination model


Product introduction:

Simulate the head and neck of an adult, the shape of the ear is realistic, the operation feel is real, and the complete and detailed anatomical structure of the outer ear and middle ear is designed, which can display 16 different diseases. Applicable to training and assessment of ear examination operation.
Function parameter:
1. Model and adult head and neck position.
2. It has precise anatomy of auricle and external auditory meatus.
3. The model uses standard in-ear examination positions.
4. Change the case by rotating the hand wheel, and use the actual otoscope for examination and training.
5. The model has a real feel, realistic shape, beautiful appearance, and soft and elastic skin.
6. Can simulate normal tympanic membrane, chronic otitis media, acute otitis media, acute otitis media congestion period, serous otitis media, chronic cholesteatoma otitis media.
7. Can simulate tympanic effusion, tympanic membrane hematoma, traumatic tympanic membrane perforation, central tympanic membrane perforation, central tympanic membrane perforation, slack perforation.
8. Can simulate tympanic sclerosis, crescent sclerosis of tympanic sclerosis, herpes blisters on the tympanic membrane, cut the tube and insert the tube.


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