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Simulated medical pendant


Product introduction:
Simulating a real medical pendant, it is a multi-function operation teaching model beside the bed in the intensive care unit. It has a real appearance and feels real. It is suitable for operation training of ECG monitoring, central oxygen supply and negative pressure suction.
Function parameter:
Horizontal rotation angle: 180
Maximum load of center rotating boom: 30kg
Standard power supply: 4 power sockets with 3 holes
Equipment tray: three layers
Boom specifications: two sections can be pulled
Infusion pole holder: 1 set
(Platform\Gas interface\Power socket\Can be flexibly selected according to customer requirements.)
The gas/electric modules are installed on the side of the mobile suspension column
Simulated negative pressure (above -0.6mp), simulated oxygen (+0.6mp)
Can be integrated with bridge lights
Bridge length (2500mm)
Both sides of the mobile suspension column can be installed with LED auxiliary lighting according to customer requirements


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