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Standardized patient of liver abscess puncture and thoracocentesis


Product introduction:

Simulate the anatomical structure of the real human body, with clear bony marks on the surface, and design the conventional puncture position and severe semi-recumbent position, breath-hold voice prompts and puncture error voice prompts, feasible liver abscess puncture and thoracic puncture training.
Function parameter:
1. Simulated standardized patients can be taken in supine and semi-recumbent positions, with soft texture, real touch and vivid appearance.
2. Accurate anatomical position: Clavicle, axilla, intercostal space between ribs and other surface marks can be clearly touched, which is convenient for puncture positioning.
3. Hepatic abscess puncture can find tender spots in the liver area, with breath-holding training language prompts, and puncture with breath-hold rhythm. The puncture has a clear sense of emptying, and the simulated liver pus can be extracted.

4. Feasible bone marrow aspiration training.
5. Electronic monitoring: The puncture needle is required to penetrate vertically along the upper edge of the lower rib, and there is a language prompt for the puncture error.
Note: The skin and puncture bladder cavity can be replaced to supply consumables.


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