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Training model of shoulder joint cavity puncture


Product introduction:

The anatomical structure of the shoulder joint is accurate, and the body surface is marked. The intelligent detection system for the operation of the shoulder joint cavity puncture is designed. With the three-dimensional interaction, it can be used for shoulder joint puncture, intra-cavity injection or fluid training. A successful prompt is displayed when the operation is successful. It can be used for teaching and training of clinical operation teaching and resident training for undergraduates of clinical medicine.
Function parameter:
1. The product is an adult male shoulder model.
2. The anatomical structure is accurate, with clavicle, scapula, humerus, and synovial sac structure.
3. Available: subacromial space, acromioclavicular joint, biceps long head tendon, anterior glenoid fossa, posterior glenoid fossa, suprascapular nerve puncture training.
4. After successful puncture, joint cavity injection, sealing or fluid extraction can be performed.
5. There is an alarm indication after each puncture site is successfully punctured.


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