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Training model of foot and ankle joint blocking


Product introduction:

The anatomical structure of the foot and ankle is correct, and the body surface is clearly marked. The full anatomical structure of bone, joint, tendon, synovial sac, blood vessel, nerve, tarsal canal and Morton's neuroma are designed. Green, yellow and red prompts prompt correct operation, nerve damage and blood vessel damage. It is suitable for closed simulation training of the foot and ankle.
Function parameter:    
1. It is an adult foot and ankle model, with obvious body surface bone marks and simulated skin.
2. Inside there are simulated bone structure, joints, ligaments, tendons, bursa, blood vessels, nerves, and subcutaneous tissue.
3. Can complete the closed injection training of the tarsal canal of the foot and ankle, Morton's neuroma, the bursa of the heel and the metatarsophalangeal joint.
4. The product is also equipped with 3 different colors of LED lights, which are used for automatic real-time evaluation of operation training. The green light is displayed when the correct part is penetrated, the yellow light is displayed when it encounters a nerve, and the red light is displayed when it encounters a blood vessel.
5. Dedicated 10ml analog syringe can simulate the actual liquid injection state, and will not damage the internal circuit device.
6. In addition to being used for closed injection training, the model also shows scaphoid protrusion (tarsal process) and palpation of the plantar fascia.


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