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2019 Annual meeting of Emergency Resuscitation and Disaster Medicine Committee o

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On October 18, 2019, the annual meeting of Emergency Resuscitation and Disaster Medicine Committee of Chinese Medical Doctors Association and the first Emergency Disaster Medicine Summit Forum of Shenzhen University General Hospital successfully opened. This forum is sponsored by Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Emergency Resuscitation and Disaster Medicine Professional Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and hosted by General Hospital of Shenzhen University, Emergency Resuscitation Professional Committee of Shenzhen Medical Doctor Association and the Seventh Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. The opening ceremony was presided over by Xiong Jing, Party secretary of Shenzhen University General Hospital. As the highest level conference in the industry, this emergency disaster field "Huashan sword", also held in Shenzhen for the first time.

Invited the Chinese medical doctor association deputy secretary-general Xie Qilin disaster medicine research institute, tianjin university, the Chinese medical association branch of disaster medicine committee shi-ke hou, tianjin university, director of the disaster, vice President of the institute of medicine fan army, vice President of shenzhen university hong-biao du, shenzhen physicians association tian-xing wang, general hospital of shenzhen university, dean of jing-bo li and so on more than 80 domestic top emergency disaster experts to attend. From the Chinese medical doctor association professional committee of emergency rescue and disaster medicine, disaster medicine in our country, more than five hundred experts and scholars in the field of together, and around the city safety theme, from, aviation pre-hospital emergency rescue, city anti-terrorism, traffic injury salvage, major outbreaks, and prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, emergency management, international aid collaboration, artificial intelligence and fully discussed in the fields of medical rescue construction, at the same time for the big emergency new progress in discipline construction, standardization, a large bay area of guangdong health emergency medical rescue system construction issues such as keynote speech.

At the beginning of the conference, a brief and solemn ceremony was held to launch the three-member medical and health project of Shenzhen University General Hospital. It also inaugurated the First Aid and Disaster Clinical Medical Center of Shenzhen University.

Explosions, typhoons, fires, epidemics, violence and terror... Once an emergency happens in urban life, how will medical aid respond to rescue in the first place?

The 21st century, the rapid development of national economy at the same time, natural disasters, accidents disasters, public health and social security events such as frequent, including the Indonesian tsunami, typhoon in the Philippines, the SARS event, the earthquake in Haiti, Nepal earthquake of wenchuan earthquake and other kinds of major events caused heavy casualties and great economic losses. Disaster medical rescue work is faced with complex situation and severe challenges. How to deal with disaster events, carry out scientific and effective rescue, reduce disaster losses, maintain urban security and social stability, is still an urgent matter.

China health disaster emergency management experts, tianjin university institute of medicine shi-ke hou dean, fan milli, vice President of the army, based on China's national conditions, to explore the new situation the development situation of emergency and disaster discipline construction in actual disaster of earthquake and tsunami relief, for example, analysis introduced the new progress in disaster areas, new techniques, and disaster medical subject construction in such aspects as management, technology and equipment problems of thinking and Suggestions are put forward.

 "The establishment of a hospital cooperation alliance platform for emergency resuscitation and disaster medicine specialty cooperation can combine domestic and foreign medical resources and propose a regional emergency rescue support system according to different regional circumstances." "Mr. Hou said. (Hou Shike, President of Disaster Medicine Research Institute of Tianjin University and chairman of Disaster Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association)

Ma Junyu, a teacher from Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital, talked about the application of simulated teaching AIDS in first-aid teaching. Among them, the function design of "war wound treatment situational simulation and rehearsal system", the only domestic product (3 in 1), was highly appraised.

The situational simulation and exercise system for war wound treatment is characterized by special all-directional simulation functions and highly integrated intelligent technology. It integrates life support evaluation system, high-end simulator, multiple communication modes, multiple medical devices, large-screen demonstration and multi-functional human-computer interaction. The successful research and development of scenario-based simulation training system for war wound treatment has contributed to the prosperity and development of modern medical simulation teaching and training curriculum system in China.

1、High-end human simulators adopt intelligent wireless design, and the whole body simulates real bone structure;

2、Life support assessment system as the main line to simulate the real situation;

3、Five items of war wounds: hemostasis, dressing, fixation, handling and ventilation;

4、Support network training and assessment of 4 devices simultaneously;

5、Support real monitoring equipment (ECG, respiration, blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, blood oxygen);

6、Support for real ventilators;

7、Support for real defibrillator (AED);

8、Support real B-ultrasound;

9、Various trauma, burn and scald modules can be customized.

Two keynote speeches will be held in the main venue of the first aid and disaster annual conference, and six sub-venues will be opened at the same time. To strengthen the medical staff of disaster medical theory technology, strengthening emergency protection consciousness, promote on-site emergency disposal ability, for the purpose of minimizing the area of catastrophe as casualties, to fuel disaster medical subject construction in our country, deeply involved in national emergency management mechanism reform after the reshaping of the medical ability has played a positive role.


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