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"Medical Cup", the 7th Clinical Skills Competition of Standardized Training for

Release Data:2019-10-27 02:06:00 Interview:6632

On October 26, the 7th Sichuan Resident Physician Standardized Training Clinical Skills Competition was held in Xindu Campus of Chengdu Medical College.

Full-time deputy director of the office of the provincial BaoJianWei Zeng Huajun, the national health committee KeJiaoSi, deputy director of the office qiu-rong yu, personnel KeJiaoChu provincial health committee at the level monitors Luo Hong, deputy director of the Zhang Peiru, chengdu medical school principal fan Ming, vice President of ke-jian pan, Zhou Changhua, deputy director of the provincial administrative graduate standing binzhou medical school professor liu Yu Yan (the ro), director of the dean's office of chengdu medical college a., vice President of the United States, the first affiliated hospital dean Liu Gang, wei-hua liu (deputy director) attended the opening ceremony. Luo Hong presided at the opening ceremony.

In the two-day competition, 152 "prospective doctors" and residential training teachers from 38 first-class hospitals in The province competed for the "single champion" of clinical skills in internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics and gynecology, as well as the "team champion", which reflected the comprehensive strength of clinical and teaching of hospitals. These "prospective doctors" performed their unique skills in the competition, demonstrating their professional skills of "curing diseases and saving lives". The teaching strength and clinical level of hospitals in each training base were also reviewed.

The competition aims to improve the education level of medical students after graduation, and aims to continuously improve the standardized training quality of resident doctors in Sichuan province, and test the practical clinical operation ability of residents. The competition aims to promote the education and learning of resident doctors, so that "prospective doctors" can become qualified "good doctors".

To benefit more medical students and expand the influence of the competition. The contest was webcast and the webcast link was open. All the hospitals and people from all walks of life who undertake the standardized training of resident doctors in the province could watch it in real time. During the live broadcast, clinical experts will elaborate on the standards of each operation and comment on the gains and losses of each contestant. The games can be watched live on a computer or mobile phone, and there is no limit to the number of people who can access the Internet.

Event specified model provider - yingkou giant into the teaching of science and technology development co., LTD., has and various medical institutions, medical institutions and psychiatry staff work together to establish alliance and collaboration, jointly create diversified and multimodal medical simulation education kechuang center platform, and through the platform integration industry industry, technology, psychiatry resources around, and form a huge industry innovation and development together, on this basis to build a batch of with independent intellectual property rights in the high-end products and technologies, currently covers diagnostics, medical, first aid, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, care, anatomy, rehabilitation medicine, Chinese medicine and disaster discipline teaching and practice, It has become a leading national brand of medical simulation education in China.

      This competition has been highly recognized by all parties for its accident-free products. We would like to make this competition a "name card" of sichuan resident physician standardized training brand and enterprise.


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