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The 10th College Students clinical Skills Competition and the 5th "Jucheng Cup"

Release Data:2019-11-11 02:12:00 Interview:13052

Standardization to examine college students clinical skills training effect, promote the students' clinical practice ability, innovation ability and the team cooperation consciousness, on November 9, qiqihar medical college in clinical skill experimental teaching center held the 10th college students clinical skills contest and the fifth "cup" college students clinical skills competition.

For the first time, the clinical thinking test was added in this competition to examine the students' clinical thinking ability from five dimensions: systematicness, logicality, economy, agility and precision. Twelve teams from six affiliated hospitals participated in the competition.

After a day of fierce competition, the team from the Second Affiliated Hospital won the first prize, the team from the first and fifth affiliated hospital won the second prize, and the team from the tenth, sixth and eleventh affiliated hospital won the third prize. Jiang Fan and 13 other students won 21 individual prizes including arterial and venous blood collection.

As the country is vigorously promoting the development of education in northeast China in the new era, Jucheng Medicine, as the designated model provider of clinical skill competition for college students, knows that it has great responsibilities.

College students clinical skills competition for compaction characteristic applied undergraduate practical teaching, advance the new era of medical personnel training, improve the medical students clinical basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, strengthen students' clinical thinking ability, team spirit and medical humanities accomplishment, training applied and comprehensive development of new high quality medical talents is of great significance.

Jucheng is willing to help the development of medical education in Our country as always!



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